Hello my friends.
PolishSource is new tracker.
Our site has got many interesting torrents: games, appez, xvid, good pretime and fast speed. This site is
developing all the time.
The User Classes and Promotions:

User------------------- Default User Class
Power User------------- Promoted at 4 Weeks + 50GB Upload, Ratio over 1.05
Extreme User----------- Promoted at 6 Weeks + 300 GB Upload, Ratio over 2.05
Legend User------------ Promoted at 8 Weeks + 1024 GB Upload, Ratio over 3.05
Lite Uploader---------- Appointed By Site Operator/Administrators
Uploader--------------- Appointed By Site Operator/Administrators

At the moment register is opening and all torrents are free.
Site is translating into English. If you want have an account in our site you will click here