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Thread: City of God

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    Also known as Cidade de Deus, and God's Town.

    Does anybody know where to find this video in English? I can find loads of releases in Portuguese with English subs, but I hate having to read
    Is there an English version available?

    IMDb link

    Thanks all.
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    As far as I know there is no dubbed version.
    I wouldn't be bothered by the subtitles kaiweiler their far preferable to looping anyway.The film is so gripping that after a few minutes you won't even notice them.

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    ya, i had to read it in subtitles also. well worth it though.

    brazil will be hosting the world cup----------about time

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    i remember watching the movie a few years ago and i had to watch it with subtitles. i looked around the net and i don't think there's a version with english audio.

    sometimes the subs are unavoidable. it's worth it though. good movie.

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    i watched it with subs too but i prefer that with the original audio. fantastic movie.


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