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Thread: Article not found

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    I use Giganews and GrabIt and i'm trying to get something 80 days old. i import nzb. Some articles I grab the full thing, some download a certain % and then get article not found, most are skipped over with article not found.

    Can anyone explain what's wrong? I tried with Newsbin with the same results. Older stuff from the same poster and same show I downloaded with no problems.

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    i can test that with Giganews + NewsbinPro .. could you tell me which files ?

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    Episodes of a certain popular TV show which were posted around 80 days ago apparently got a DMCA takedown notice sent to Giganews, and so they seem to have removed all (1 of *) articles. A couple of examples, if you want to take a look, are Newzbin Post ID's 2912268 and 2912286. Despite the missing articles, those particular posts can be downloaded solely from Giganews and repaired with their own PAR2 sets, unless the downloader program you're using stumbles badly. Try adding a non-Giganews fill server that has more than 80 days retention.
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    could you be more specific .. i'vent a premium newzbin account .. just tell me the name or the binsearch link ..

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    Use the Quick Jump box on the left.

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    oh i see it now .. wait i'll grab it and tell you the result !!!

    so .. the result is :

    With Giganews there are lots of Missing articles, and the par2 is strangly downloaded as an another file "DMW.part83.rar" ..

    With the Freebin server there is no problem, all files are complete, and the Par2 file is ok also.
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    The specific file/show i'm talking about is The Wire season 5 epsiode 8 x264 version. I tried to get the x264 versions of episodes 5-8 and the same problem exists for all of them IIRC. There's definitely not enough par2 to repair any of them.

    If Giganews removed them, how come they didn't remove 1-4, and 9-10?
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    as i told you in my previous post .. use the freebin server !!!
    and i'm talking about this one :
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    The x264 version of Ep. 8 is Newzbin Post ID 2912313

    If you have Giganews, you can make it a test to separate good Usenet software from the not so good. Looks like GrabIt falls down flat.

    Due to a bug in older versions, I had to upgrade to the latest SABnzbd+ to handle this. Connecting only to Giganews, and without using a fill server I only need 11 of the 63 available recovery blocks to repair it. If Freebin automatically fills in the 11 missing articles no repair is needed.

    I don't know of a better explanation than DMCA takedown. Only the latest games, movies and TV shows are affected.

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    Got it on freebin. Thanks! I thought I was going to save $25, but the next day freebin was super slow

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