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Thread: I Am Billie Jean

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    I am not Bille jean but i looking for the song

    Does anyone remmeber it?

    I´ve been trying to find it but

    I was written as an answer to Bille Jean in 1982, same rythm same beat but different lyrics.

    If anyone knows a link or have it, please post it.

    I found some trace of it at Dusty Groove America so i know i'm not totaly nuts

    "A very weird little compilation -- one that features cover versions of Michael Jackson songs! Oddly, there's no proper notes or details on some of the artists -- but the music kind of speaks for itself, and the set offers a great twist on some of Jackson's better known work. Titles include , a female answer to "Billie Jean" called "I Am Billie Jean"

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    That was'nt a weird Al Yankovich song was it.

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    Or Neil Finss version

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    No, female singer and not a parody, actually it was really good.


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