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Thread: Flight Sim 2004

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    Any one find a working copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 If so e-mail me @ or reply on here....... IF YOU OWN THE GAME ILL PAY $ FOR A WORKING COPY AND CRACK IF NEEDED

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    well first of all, wrong sectrion, someone move this

    2, bribing people isnt rite....if ull pay for it y not just buy it and download the crack form or sumptin

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    I know it's not kazaa related but has all 4 discs - just d/l it and played the discs are 700-400-700&300 meg ish!

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    thoes are bins....if u convert them to an iso with winiso or just open them with it youll see that its less then 700mb....they will fit on a 700 mb cd but u need to burn it with the cue


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