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Thread: In Need Of Help With Pc Rips

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    Hey everybody on this board seems to know there stuff, well most do. I was wondering if anybody can help me. I DL'd two rips Freedom Force ( I know it is old) and Halflife ( I know it is old). When I recevied the files There where bad files in the zips. In Halflie HL.C35 and in Freedom force FFORCE.C28. I did the google file seach nothing , searched with KL nothing. I was wondering if sombody has these files or can tell me where i can find them, My AIM screen name is SmarHottGuy. I as I said in a eairler post, I would hate to DL the whole thing over.

    Any help will be greatly appricated.

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    try to fix them with CDmage...
    maybe it will work


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