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Thread: New Riaa Petition

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    I feel that it's necessary to bring a few things to people's attention about the new petition being linked to on the Kazza Lite main page. I am a long-time P2P user, and I am certainly against the RIAA's version of the Patriot Act, but I cannot in good conscience sign the linked petition and I urge others not to as well.

    While the content of the petition is sound (of course invasive computer crime commited by corporations while the gov't turns a blind eye is wrong), the execution of the petition concerns me. I believe that one of the strongest arguments that the gov't sees the RIAA, as well as any related companies, organizations and lobbyists, has is that essentially the only people who are fighting to keep P2P software and sharing free and protected are just a bunch of punk kids who don't want to pay for anything. And as much as I don't want this to be a flame of any kind, I must observe that the petition linked to does little to counter this argument. Frought with misspellings and bad grammar, imprecise in what aspects of this introduced legislation it objects to, I certainly don't want this document to be representative of my wishes, and I fear that if it were ever viewed by anyone with the power to affect some change, it would do little but confirm that we, the P2P community, can't bring much to the table in our own defense. To the author of that petition, and any future ones, please, please for all our sakes take the time to be precise and spell-check these documents you want to garner signatures for. Someone, in the end, may read them with an eye towards policy, and if that happens, I think we all would want it to be taken as seriously as possible.

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    singing to partition will do what??

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    Part of our defense is ......You can make it legal to let the RIAA hack our comps because they would be getting inside them and those are in our homes not in a public place....they are OURS...thats invading our privacy. It needs to be illegal to let them SCAN our computers....they cant invade our privacy! It says so in the Constition of the United States of America! If the RIAA is based in America then American laws apply to it. And the 7% drop in the money the music industry gets has nothing to do with p2p! Nothing lasts is a company supposed to say....well people dont buy as many books from us anymore so its whatevers fault. No!I know the answer. New Music Sucks....thats it...the music SuCkS! We shouldnt pay 20 dollars for 2 or 3 songs we like that are on the CD. Why dont they lower the price to $7 or something for a CD? Those greedy bastards. CD's used to have all the songs on them good. But now only 2 or 3 in a CD are good, or none are good. There are some bands that have all good songs on there CD's yet there are not many. I used to still buy a few CD's that i liked, because they had all good songs, but now that the RIAA has started sueing people i have not even thought of buying a CD once. I will not give them 1 penny until they quit this! They cant win. Dont they relize not all of the people of the world are extremely rich. Some families just have one parent. Some dont have the money to buy everything they need. And like i said before, they are invading our privacy. No matter what your country's laws say, they should use the american laws which are far in our favor since the RIAA is based in America.


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