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Thread: Midinght Club 2 Problem

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    I burnt it and installing was succesful. Copied the no cd crack from cd 1 and put it in the midnight club folder. Started the game and then when i click on the mission it gives the loading mission screen then just closes the game. Any help. Also i tried the no cd crack from megagames. Any suggestion. Thanks.

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    This may or may not help...but I hope it does. In order for a "no cd" crack tp work correctly, ALL the files must be installed in the game directory. I believe the no cd crack tells the game to look in the game directory on your local drive instead of on the cd drive for the game info.....Hope this is your fix....Cheers
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    I believe you have to have disk one in the drive when playing.This could be your problem.I haven't had any problems and I just installed the other day.
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