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Thread: Speaking Of People Coming And Going...

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    Anyone know when the illustrious UKMan will make his return to the forum? Or has he left for good?

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    Originally posted by UKMan@12 25 May 2003 - 22:12
    You guys are doing great !!

    I shall be off-line after today (26th may) for about 1 - 2months. Unfortunately, i have pressing private matters to attend to which don't allow me to access my pc from home. Hopefully i will however pop in from time to time from somewhere else just to keep up to date on whats happening. You can send me a PM if needed and i will try to answer any questions i can. However, there are quite a few of you now who have succeeded in broadcasting very successfully, so there should allways be someone else around to answer your questions

    Good luck and well done all who have made this a success 

    c ya around

    I'm looking forward to his return as well!

    He's a little late according to his post......and I have no detective skills to try and locate him.

    Hope he's here soon.


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    I suspect Moriarity could have something to do with it!!
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