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Thread: Installing a New Drive...just a quick question

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    So my main drive, my C:\ drive, is dying on me. I can barely start my computer anymore cause it's getting so bad. So my question that I have is in installing a new drive. When I replace my drive and copy everything over, will it run? Do I name my new drive with the letter C:? Cause I'm worried about my windows and all my programs not working if I replace my drive cause they're all installed and meant to run under C:\blah\blah...any help will be GREATLY appreciated!
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    How do you intend to "copy everything over"?

    If you clone the drive (say, using Ghost), then the new drive will think it's C: just like the original.
    However...if your C: drive is already failing, you must face the possibility that Windows has already started to corrupt and thus, is not suitable for cloning. A total reinstall would be the best option in that case.
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    It'd be best to use a cloning programm. After cloning just get the old drive out and plug the new one in.

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    Most drives come with some sort of software for either diagnostics or transfering or both. I hate WD drives because they come with the worst software. I love Maxtors cause there software rocks and therfore seagate is cool too cause they bought Maxtor out. When you run the software for the new drive the first time, if it has the capability it will ask if you want to clone the old drive. Its up to you though to change the jumpers and IDE ribbon position (except for sata) to make the new drive Master or at the least when done remove the old failing drive and put the new cloned drive in its place, being sure that its jumpered as master and positioned on the terminating end of the IDE ribbon (unless its sata of course).

    So you would jumper the new drive as slave and install it on the middle connector of the same ribbon that your failing drive is on. Run the new drives software and format it and use the softwares clone feature if it has it, (both Maxtor and Seagate IDE drives come with disks for that purpose). Then if the cloning is successful remove the old drive and put the new it its place after changing its jumper to master.


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