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Thread: Out Of Date?

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    Ok, I want to install an 80gb drive into my computer. But the problem is, seeing as that my computer is kind of old (2000 - 2001) and at the moment only has in it 14.2gb, my worry is that it my computer may not be able to use all 80gb, and that some of the memory will never be used, and therefore, wasted. Should I stick with the 80gb, or go for a 40gb, or something else?

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    well your computer probly will handle 80gb...we really cant tell u wats better, its usally wat u like..
    it mostly depends on wat u download, like movies,games..ect..
    id go wit the 80gb and partition it (make 2 or more hard drives out of it) and use 1 for windows and 1 for kazaa

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    Alright thanks for the reply, what I ment when I said what would be better, I ment should I go for a 40gb, or something lower or something, but whatever, im hopeing it can handle the 80gb. Mostly what I use the memory for are songs, movies, and games, and programs that enable and inhance(sp?) the ability of the 3 mentioned before. Thanks

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    Any other opinions?

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    Well if you could give us some more details about this "older" computer then maybe we could help.

    What motherboard is in that computer?
    What's its BIOS revision?

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    What motherboard is in that computer?
    What's its BIOS revision?

    I have no idea....... is there any way to find this out......
    Its an emachines emonster 550r, if you want any other info, check the "worst computer in the forum" thing in the lounge(sp?), some of that has been updated, but not much.

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    Well I looked at the emachine system you spoke of.

    It is an older system, but no site seems to tell about the motherboard installed in it.

    I have a system that's older than the one your using, and it supports up to 32 gig hard drives. So I'm thinking by the time your system was built, they probably had improved that quite a bit.

    I'd say go with the 80gig, it most likely will work.
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    Also, what OS/File System are you using?

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    bob_the_alien = cool thanks.
    Sparsely = i dont know..... how would I figure this out...?

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    All disk manufacturers now have a bios enhancement package which you can use if your bios doesn't directly support large drives.

    And if you are going to use it as a second drive and are using Nt, 2k, or XP then the bios is not used anyway, so that isn't a problem either.

    Either way, you should have no problems with an 80GB drive.
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