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Thread: Postal 2

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    ok, after gettin a WORKING copy of postal 2 off bt (which rocks) i started to play, and i got kicked out, and a error popin up sayin that there is a prob wit directx8.1 or later, so i installed dirext9 and i got the same mess, and i did directx8.1 off the cd and the same prob?? wats goin on

    64mb vid ati radeon igp 320m
    amd 1.8ghz
    512mb mem

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    take an screen of that error i had this sort of error because the directx copy is currupt or its opposing ur system files i had to format my windows drive,when i got this error

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    Try downloading the patch either from me or this website Postal 2 Patch. The patch is 27 MB but is well worth downloading because it fixes most errors, it speeds up loading times and it has extra levels and weapons too.

    Hope this helps you out.

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    uninstall all directx and then install a clean copy of directx9 from eg microsoft update
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