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Thread: Avi Preview

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    No matter what I do, it doesn't seem to want to work correctly for me (every time I try to preview something, it shuts down, either not telling me it's shutting down, or it gives me an error message, and no, I"m not trying to preview .mov files, I've tried AVI AND Mpeg formats).... any help? I've tried multiple versions too, so I feel like I"m kinda euchred right now.

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    Avi Preview is intended to preview partially downloaded files that are still in the form of .DAT files. It won't work on fully downloaded files that have "proper" file extensions like .mpeg or .avi (possibly the name is a little misleading).

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    I know that (you can still do it though, btw) but the point is that when I try to preview a partially downloaded video, all it does it index it, and crash. I have the updated K-lite, so it has avipreview almost completely integrated (version 2.4.1 I believe). Does this help you out any? I don't think it matters WHAT type of file I try to PREVIEW (not open, NOT completely downloaded files) I cannot seem to get it to NOT crash.. and I've used other versions of AVIPreview too, that's the crazy thing...

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    just double checking you do have the codecs

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    I don't think it'd matter. I have the codecs, but even if I couldn't see any video, I should have sound, and if I didn't have sound, I should've had video. I installed the k-lite full codec pak... As I said, I could try mpeg files, or avi files (all incomplete) and I"d have the same trouble... nasty business really....

    EDIT: further, I don't believe it's a fake file, because ALL my media does this with AVIPreview. Also, this file I'm downloading isn't fake, because it's an older film... when I say older, I mean older.


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