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Thread: A Noob Question

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    What is the process to download a movie from Kazaa and to finally get it to a cd?

    I know this has probally been asked a million times and I just cant find it. The only thing i found was someone saying read the FAQ. I tried to do that but the page wouldnt load.

    Thanks for any help you can give me

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    what fiel format is it in is it .avi or .bin and for what purpose due you want to burn it to watch it on a dvd player or for storage?

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    Im not sure which format. it was more like a blanket question to learn how to do it. but for example purposes lets say it a .avi. The purpose was to watch it in a DVD player.


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    get a burning program, like nero burning rom... but only use it if you have a cd burner, if you dont' have a cd burner, GET one.. simple as that.. it's basicaly a drag-and-drop interface.. make sure it's a data cd, and it's a new cd. click and drag the files over from any folder (such as the one where you have your movies stored) and voila... click burn in the file menu, and you're done... don't ya feel just a bit silly now? search google next time, ok?

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    ok, well, in that case, you should try looking up VCD burning then.

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    Thanks for the help....
    Dude i really did try looking it up. But i agree i do feel silly now. Of course i felt silly before too but thats another story

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    an avi cant be watched on a dvd player sorry. you need a vcd file to do that which is a whole other monster. .avi can be made to vcds, but for the time and effort you are better off getting the vcd, because you will have to re encode the whole movie

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    Dont be afraid to ask questions, we were all new at one time. The only dumb questions are the questions that are not asked.

    Try here it will help with alot of your questions DVD Help

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    Whoever Asked This Question. Get Easy Video Splitter With The Crack. Then Download The Newest Nero With The newest Plugins. Install Nero, Install The plugins. Split The Movie (.avi) In Half With Easy Video Splitter So That The Movie Will Fit on 2 80 Minute Disc. Go Open Up Nero, There Will Be A Wizard, you then choose "CD" then "Other CD Format" And Then "Video CD" After That, Use The Right Side Of The Nero Screen To find Your Movie. Then Choose Burn (Preferrably On 8X or 4X) Then It Will Encode The File. Then It Will Burn It For You.

    NOTE: You Can Only Do 1 Part At A Time. After The 1st Disc Is Done (Anywhere From 1-5 Hours (Depending On Processor) Then You Close Nero Or Choose New, And Then Do It To The Second Part Of The Movie You Have Split.


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    my thoughts exactly, Phonix, thanx for posting for me!

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