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Thread: SceneAccess and NFOrce Under Pressure from BREIN

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    One of the most exclusive private torrent trackers, SceneAccess, has found itself hounded out of the Netherlands by anti-piracy outfit, BREIN. The site was hosted by NFOrce who handed over the owners details to BREIN who discovered them to be false. Worryingly, there are many other torrent sites hosted at NFOrce.

    Anyone with an interest in BitTorrent sites will tell you that many of them are hosted in the Netherlands, due to what is perceived by many as a legal gray area. Dozens of sites inhabit the servers at hosts such as LeaseWeb, despite a few being kicked out or forced to move to other countries in recent months.

    Known by most for its scene ‘warez’ release database hosted at NFOrce.NL, another major torrent site host is NFOrce, which gained mainstream notoriety after the OiNK tracker was busted while being hosted by the company. Now it seems that anti-piracy outfit BREIN - who received press this week for their announced legal action against BitTorrent giant mininova - has NFOrce and sites hosted there, firmly in its spotlight. More...

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    So much for hiding torrentsite urls. If anti-piracy orgs wanna go after torrentsites they will,come what may.

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    Wasn't this what happened with OiNK?

    Looks like whenever BREIN wants to get information out of, it will, so long as they can keep afloat.

    I don't know if TorrentIt was hosted on, but BREIN also brought it down back in 2006.

    Bah. They just won't leave it alone..
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    One of the most exclusive private torrent trackers? give me a break, thats practically public

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    if u consider TL public, then it is

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    F*ck BREIN i realy hate them, they are not worthy to be called "from the Netherlands".
    The only thing i can be proud of are the fast connections here, and ofcourse companies like LeaseWeb and NFOrce who host many good bittorrent sites.

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    And there are also affordable usenet providers in the netherlands

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    there keeping the pressure up... now can u expect them to let us party all the time?

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    yup scc is well known so u can call it "public".
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    I have never really thought of SCC as one of the most "Exclusive" private trackers. I hope everything works out though..

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