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Thread: Norton Antivirus 2003

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    anyone know y my norton wont get virus definitions anymore? i havent gotten one since 6/18 and everytime i run liveupdate they dont get updated

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    does that cover windows 98 norton antivirus 2003?

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    thanks sharedholder so now i just gotta run liveupdate to update everything else and update the virus defenitions manually?

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    Its an exe file ,just double click on.

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    also on the norton systemworks, under norton antivirus on the virus defenitions thing, it says that the subscription service isnt installed. is that important?

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    Are you an admin on your comp? I had that problem too, since i live with my dad. I'm 16. But, the LiveUpdate worked after he accedentaly left his admin desktop on one day....hehe
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    I don't have System works so i don't know ,try to ask Balammn.

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    yeah i know, i installed it already. im just saying that i have to get that file every so often since my liveupdate wont download the defenitions. or does that make it so my liveupdate can get the defenitions again?

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    yeah i am the admin on my computer. but every so often i get a error type pop up from norton saying something about having to be an admin, and right when i hit ok, it comes out again. once i click ok again it doesnt come back. everytime i get that weird error type pop up, it comes out twice

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