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Thread: Atari Founder: Encryption Chip Will End Piracy

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    Speaking at yesterday's Wedbush Morgan Securities annual Management Access Conference, the Atari founder suggested that game piracy will soon be a thing of the past thanks to a new chip.

    "There is a stealth encryption chip called a TPM that is going on the motherboards of most of the computers that are coming out now," he pointed out. "What that says is that in the games business we will be able to encrypt with an absolutely verifiable private key in the encryption world - which is uncrackable by people on the internet and by giving away passwords - which will allow for a huge market to develop in some of the areas where piracy has been a real problem."

    Bushnell thinks that piracy of movies and music, however, is probably unstoppable because "if you can watch it and you can hear it, you can copy it."

    "Games are a different thing, because games are so integrated with the code. The TPM will, in fact, absolutely stop piracy of gameplay.
    "As soon as the installed base of the TPM hardware chip gets large enough, we will start to see revenues coming from Asia and India at a time when before it didn't make sense."

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    It amazes me that game developers will fall for such drivel. He makes a good pitch to bank the big bucks with this new chip. If the games are written in code, there will always be a way to crack it. NOTHING IS ABSOLUTE!

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    If you can't crack it, bruteforce it.

    BTW Atari sucks ass.

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    When was the last time I heard that?

    Was it for the PSP only running authenticated code?
    No wait it must be the iPhone only running on AT&T.

    As long as there are idiots to believe it, there is a nice market niche to be filled there.

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    End of game piracy? Never!

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    lol, let them try.

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    I thought Trusted Computing was already dead?

    Howsoever, there will always be a way to crack any 'protection'...

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    anything that can be coded can be decoded.
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    Oh common...

    i laughed most of the time when i heard such news. There was a time where people said that DVD movies can't be cracked.. There comes a time when people say Playstation 3 can't be copied. Now we only need to change the hardware and add mod chip to get it work..

    Perhaps perhaps.. the first few months, there will not be any piracy after the new programs came out, but the modding community i would believe always wins.
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    I always think of these 'developments' as interesting. I mean, do they expect to make more money now that pirates can't copy their games? I can tell you right now, sales will go down, down down. Prices will have to drop. I don't think it's possible for any of these businesses (videogames, music, television) to continue thriving as well as they have been without piracy. The prices they charge us are far too expensive for the casual consumer. Just look at the success of the Wii.

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