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Thread: Bad Cd Repair 1.6

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    Bad CD Repair allows to copy files from bad CD or HDD. If your text or mp3 or any other type of file is corrupted then use Bad CD Repair to save it!

    Main Bad CD Repair features:
    Bad CD Repair copies bad files from CD or HDD;
    Bad CD Repair uses ASPI Driver. Thus it works with all versions of Windows;
    Bad CD Repair works with ISO and Juliet CD filesystems;
    Bad CD Repair is written using Visual C++. Thus it fast and reliable;
    Bad CD Repair has user friendly interface.
    Current version: 1.6
    Release date: June 26, 2003
    Supported OS: Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
    Supported languages: English, Russian
    Download: ZIP file (205 Kb)

    ASPI Driver
    If you use Windows 95 and your system doesn't include ASPI Driver then you should install it before using Bad CD Repair. Its freeware.

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    sound coolz but does it really work in reality?


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