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Thread: Seedbox: uTorrent closes if I close VNC Server

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    I have a problem:

    uTorrent works fine, but only as long as the VNC Server on my seedbox is active. If I close the VNC Server on my seedbox and restart it, uTorrent (and Firefox and other programs too) is nowhere to be seen. But uTorrent should work even without the VNC Server, right?

    Note: uTorrent works fine if I close only my VNC Client.

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    Once you have uTorrent in the system32 folder, and in vnc type "Wine utorrent.exe"

    it should work no probs and stay working.
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    Ok, I copied utorrent.exe to the system32 folder and then ran it with "wine utorrent.exe", but then I kill and restart the VNC Server and login with VNC Viewer uTorrent is still nowhere to be seen. What's wrong? Maybe I installed Wine in the wrong folder? I followed NaQ's guide (apt-get vncserver wine etc..)
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    What i do is start the vnc server first, connect with vnc viewer, then in the vnc type wine utorrent.exe then just disconnect from vnc viewer and you're all set. Not sure why you're stopping the vnc server...the server has to stay running

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    Do you mean when you close the VNC window, utorrent dies or when you kill the vncserver itself?
    If it's the second, then that's normal, if it's the first, then you need to get VNC with resumable sessions... But why get Linux if your gonna use utorrent on it I'm pretty sure it runs better in Windows.

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    uTorrent is program with GUI, if you close the GUI system, uTorrent closes too.

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    Thanks everyone, I thought something was wrong. Yes, uTorrent stays active if I close the VNC Client.

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    But if u close VNC server, it shuts down.

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    try start/stop service from your CMD.


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