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Thread: Mainconcept Mpeg Encoder

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    HELP!!!!! I have tried downloading and installing mainconcept mpeg encoder! downloaded about 8 or 9 times (various ones i think) but when installing it gets to 94% then a message comes up "wizard interupted before installation complete - unable to read file wizard will now close", nothing gets installed. What the hell is happening? can someone help me please? Does any one know anything about this prog.?

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    This Is The Version I Use And I Know It Works

    File:MainConcept MPEG Encoder
    Length:8196718 Bytes, 8004KB

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    have you diasabled dot3 name creation in your registry ?

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    Originally posted by konnie@13 August 2003 - 13:44
    have you diasabled dot3 name creation in your registry ?
    How do I disable the dot 3 name creation registry?


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