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Thread: Just Got My $90 Xbox 360!

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    Yes, I know, the title sounds like this is a scam post

    Got this 360 off ebay. Had my brother in law do the "12 penny fix". Slapped on the mod. Game on

    Was gonna send it into MS to get it replaced cause the guy said it hadn't been opened. Could easily tell from the sticker it had been. Oh well. This is the 4th one ive done this to. First couple i sold and made ~$80 each.

    DONT BUY FROM THIS GUY! He's a liar, etc. Anyways, why am I even telling you guys this. Should be keeping it to myself
    Need a cheap/easy way of modding your xbox? Check this out.

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    What? You can fix the red ring of death? And what is this "12 penny fix"?

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