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Thread: Bitme Invite

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    I would be very greatfull if someone would consider giving me a bitme invite. I am looking for some test prep stuff that I read I can find on bitme. I also want to learn some programming and I also have materials to upload myself. I can show good ratio proof too and upload speed test.

    I know I am new to the forum, but I have been a longtime lurker.

    I have even better seeding capabilities now since I don't have to worry about my laptop overheating anymore.

    Best Regards,

    Can someone please edit the thread title to say [request]?

    or should I just make a new thread with another title?

    Any invites would be extremely appreciated.

    Best Regards,

    Can someone please change my thread title to include "[request]"?

    Or should I make a new one with a new thread title?

    a bitme invite would be extremely appreciated.

    Best regards,
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