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Thread: Torrentflux and RAR?

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    OK I have seen a few topics now about rar'ing files and so on but I'm just stuck.

    I would like to rar and unrar. (I would like to pack multiple files into rar aswell as single files...)

    I tried to install this


    But when I click on the rar button all I get is a blank page :<

    Any help or script would be very much appreciated :>

    I'm running a Lunix server.
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    Ok any help on rar'ing I would be happy with :> I just have no idea lol.

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    Well if you have SSH acces you just need to do the following:
    Firstly install rar and unrar
    # For Debian based ones like Ubuntu
    apt-get install rar unrar
    # For Gentoo and Portage using systems
    emerge -av rar unrar
    # The Manual Method
    tar xvf rarlinux-3.7.1.tar.gz
    cd rar
    cp rar unrar /usr/bin/
    Then you just use it like this to RAR stuff up:
    # Example were compressing the folder 'lawl' into pieces of 50MB each with max compression
    rar a -r -m5 -v50m /home/melon/lawl/
    And to unrar:
    # In this example were unraring a file called lawl-eir.r00 which will extract it from all parts.
    rar x /home/melon/lawl/lawl-eir.r00
    Hope that helps
    And sorry, but I don't really know how to do so if you don't have SSH access


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