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Thread: CRIA Orders ShutDown of, Other Major BitTorrent Trackers

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    A company which hosts many BitTorrent trackers has been ordered by the CRIA to close at least four major sites. Moxie Colo was issued with cease and desist notices and ordered to hand over the owners data and site logs of, SumoTracker, BTMon and FullDls. They are told to simply close many other sites they host.

    Those who believed that Canada would develop as one of the world’s BitTorrent safe-havens, are in for quite a surprise. Despite many people believing that torrent sites are operating legally in Canada, today popular Canadian BitTorrent host Moxie Colo was served with cease and desist orders, courtesy of the CRIA.
    They specifically demand that the Moxie Colo stops hosting top ranked torrent sites, SumoTorrent, BTMon and FullDls. Generally, the CRIA is demanding that Moxie stop hosting all torrent sites.
    TorrentFreak has been reporting recently on the plight of QuebecTorrent which is currently tied up in a legal battle against the music industry in Canada. Clearly that - and the running out of town of Demonoid - was just a run up to further action by an emboldened CRIA.
    In files served on Moxie Communications Inc (the parent company of Moxie Colo), the CRIA is demanding that Moxie turn over the personal details of the torrent site administrators, presumably so they can go after them. The CRIA also want Moxie to turn over all relevant site logs, but it is at least unlikely that the Canadian police will be interested in most of the users.
    Of course, just because the CRIA demands something, doesn’t mean they will get it. For now, Moxie Colo said it won’t be giving in to the CRIA’s demands.
    Sean Corbin, CEO of Moxie Communications told TorrentFreak: “We will not be following the request and will be fighting for the rights of our clients as to date laws in Canada protect them. We have looked into the matter and from what we understand these sites are not breaking any laws in Canada. If we do not comply they might bring legal action against Moxie Communications, as they believe without us these sites could not do what they do so therefore we are as bad as they are.”

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    Aww hell no

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    343 is not going anywhere. so stay cool people

    One of the main reasons we moved to Canada is that it has a very well developed and consistent legal system. We've expected this to happen for a long time, and have taken very extensive precautionary steps in the event of a server raid (which cannot legally happen for an even longer time). All users can rest assured that absolutely no incriminating data is stored on our server. In addition, we run backups of the entire site to a secure server every two hours, and have another server with twice our current server's power sitting on standby in an undisclosed location. The personal information of the sysops is all well guarded, and is unavailable to anyone (including moxie).

    Due to the consistency, predictability, and general fairness of Canada's legal system, we plan to stay here for as long as possible. We don't expect moxie to cave in any time in the near future, but if they do, we have a contingency plan of epic proportions. As hopeful as the CRIA may be, What.CD isn't going anywhere.

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    Awesome quote, I'm glad What.CD wont become another Oink
    Needlers ROK!

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    i'll never understand these fucking "demands". as if anti-piracy organizations have some sort of special privileges and they can demand are their demands legally different from me demanding that someone shut something down? if i was the CEO of an ISP, i would have all mail from the CRIA, etc., directed straight into the trash

    this pisses me off

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    Fuck the cria

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    awwwwwwww that's so cute. glad to be there
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    Makes me laugh when the CRIA demand that ALL torrent sites be shut down. Firstly, the CRIA's only concern is music piracy. Other areas are outside their professional jurisdiction. Secondly, innocent until proven guilty. While torrent sites facilitating the sharing of 0day, etc., may be in the grey area of the law, what about torrent sites that facilitate public domain material not subject to copyright?

    Their demand is ludicrous...
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    You are one of the nicest and most mature people on this board; I would never ignore someone like you.

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    screw cria
    looking for ScT

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    Give up Anti-Piracy Organizations!

    Piracy For the win!

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