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Thread: Question regarding countries and their ISPs

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    Hi all,

    One of the best things about FST is the variety of the users, specifically, where we all come from. What I'm most interested in is the speed/price of the internet from the different countries.

    Here in Canada, using rogers I pay $61/month for 10mbit down 1mbit up with a 95 gig per month bandwidth limit. Obviously, it's not good.

    So basically I'm wondering, which country and ISP offers the fastest speeds for the best price?

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    La La Land has free internets.

    Let's all go there. I hear it's very nice this time of year.

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    I got 2 mb connection , 50 shekels/month (15$) , but now the speed suck because Hammas put filters on the interwebz to prevent watching pornographic material.

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    pal telecommunication promised to fix the problem soon.


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