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Thread: Question About Format

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    I have formatted my computer for years with no problem, and now i have forgot how to do it.

    so in the comand promt i write
    and than
    format d:


    I realy cant remember how tyo do this

    could someone help?

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    Is your OS cd a full version?!!
    If so I prefer to boot with a bootable floppy. You can get one at
    That way you can run fdisk to set or remove partitions.
    When you get the command prompt A: just type in format c: where c is your hard drive letter. After the format is complete and you are back to the A: just type setup. You should have your OS cd in the cd rom before hand.

    There are several other ways, but I just like the old way best.

    HERE is one site with information that may help you also.

    Make sure you have all of your device drivers and any other important information saved or burned to disk.

    Hope this helps,

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    Remeber that you cant format a disk if your using it. Best thing to do if its in use is to do it from dos or if you have xp use an xp boot disk and go to the partitions menu and create /delete.


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