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Thread: watching files on my seedbox

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    is there any way to watch the files i download on to my server without transferring them? i tried opening them with a media player like i normally would with my pc, but it wont play

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    don't know where
    do you wanna play movies on seedbox you can take scrren but ı dont think you can watch clearly

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    well just make sure those files are accessible and then open them through a normal vid player... it should buffer the movie for sometime and play it... in the end you are downloading it from your server to your PC anyway...

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    rotfl... do you have a 100mbit link to home too? lol

    vnc or whatever else you are using shouldn't catch alpha windows by default...

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    You can through VNC or RDC, but it will be worse than watching a CAM

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    Quote Originally Posted by TidusBlade View Post
    You can through VNC or RDC, but it will be worse than watching a CAM
    Agreed, I look into streaming files of one box through VideoLAN player but it is basically a waste of time the box was runnin 100/100 and i'm connecting through 8/1 at home even with the full bandwidth it was rubbish, imagine your standard you tube quality now blow it up to fit a 22in lcd stand back and voila you have a moving smudge with naff sound pointless.

    One benefit of downloading through your box is it allows you to bypass your isp's p2p/bittorrent/ftp throttling at peak time. Don't FTP it of the box depending how you've got things setup it's possible to perform a standard web download as a .tar/ .rar file which most UK isp's do not currently throttle.

    So as you can see it works two ways you can make and exceed ratio easily using your seedbox then you also get the benefit of a full speed reliable constant download speed from your server which isn't throttled by there isp.

    I can't say this will work for everyone but I've been using this system for around 6 months now and all is good, unthrottled, unlimited filesharing in the UK with a standard business broadband connection at 30 per month, sounds fair to me, with all due respect people in the UK who are serious about filesharing and sign up for residential services then complain about poor speeds and massively throttled p2p and download thresholds like 40 or 100gb should seriously consider changing to business broadband for a trully unrestricted service.

    Now the package I'm on like like all uk ISP's is subject to a fair usage policy but I transferred around 340gb last month and has been just under 300 for around six months before that and they have never said boo to me & if anything had been flagged then I would know about it as because of work I'm effectively my own network / circuit administrator :-)

    Anyway the whole point is that for the same price as a top end residential package you can have a no nonsense unrestricted business package for around the same price and save yourself a lot of time and effort when it comes to file sharing


    Sorry for drifting OT there, no intention to hijack the thread
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