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    hey all, just wondering if anyone would have an invite to that they'd be willing to pass on to a music nazi of the highest grade? if so, I have delicious taste. please?

    PM me if you do, and i will love you.

    - VC

    also, for an example of what sort of taste i'm referring to, here's a terrible list i made one rainy day. it's a bunch of albums i think everyone should own. it's not a best of the best list, but that day it was perfect.

    sonic youth - washing machine, and, a thousand leaves
    beach boys - pet sounds
    brian eno - before & after science
    velvet underground - velvet underground & nico
    beatles - white album, or, revolver
    joy division - peel sessions
    jim o'rourke - eureka
    mayo thompson - corky's debt to his father
    nick drake - pink moon
    spiritualized - ladies & gentlemen we are floating in space
    van morrison - astral weeks
    cat stevens - tea for the tillerman, or, mona bone jakon
    hayden - skyscraper national park
    the microphones - the glow pt. 2
    devo - hardcore devo (1&2)
    pavement - crooked rain crooked rain
    tRANSELEMENt - 8 songs about travel
    manitoba - start breaking my heart
    black flag - the first four years
    television - marquee moon
    beat happening - dreamy, or, you turn me on
    the jesus & mary chain - psychocandy
    the raincoats - self titled
    leonard cohen - new skin for the old ceremony
    jakob olausson - moonlight farm
    max roach - members dont git weary
    bob dylan - self portrait
    frank zappa - hot rats
    tom waits - real gone
    crass - christ the album
    mississippi john hurt - 1928 sessions
    daniel johnston - the what of whom, or, 1990
    dusty springfield - dusty in memphis
    fela kuti - expensive shit
    the stooges - fun house
    john lennon - mind games, or, some time in new york city
    the misfits - box set (disc's 1&2)
    the modern lovers - the modern lovers
    neil young - decades (cheap, i know)
    the replacements - let it be
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    why don't you try the safest way there?

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    Be more active and a better BT Rep to get invites.. You might get lucky


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