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Thread: ubuntu vnc problem

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    Having a little problem.

    In the tutorial it says...As you successfully login to your remote desktop, you'll see a blank screen with a taskbar on the bottom. Right-click anywhere on the desktop for the fluxbox menu, and find xterm (usually under Terminals).

    Now i dont see the task bar nor can i right click left click or clickity click.

    Now i swear when i 1st logged on ysterday i seen the task bar at the bottom,but now everytime i log in its not there and i cant do shit.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    try a server reboot - its not ideal but should reset your desktop mate

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    yhea that worked for me :-)
    But for some reason i still cant get fluxbox on it :-(

    If anybody is handy with ubuntu and get set up utorrent running wine and wen gui then pm me and il give you some gigs on a site im on :-)
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