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Thread: Norton Antivirus

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    Im NOT kidding, I was using one of the comps at my office and, and from my previous experiences and because of this new worm going around i wanted to get AntiVirius software but my boss is an idiot and wont buy one, i didnt want to install K-lite on the comp so I searched google for a site that would let me d/l NAV (for free) and i found it...Its full name is- Norton AntiVirus 2000 Corporate Edition -I no its the 2000 edition but if you cant use k-lite at the time its a good alternative to going out and paying $99 for it. Its hosted on some colleges web site (YU college), All you have to do is fill in some boxes (name, email, dorm#...) i used fake ones,
    -here's a pic of the form:

    so once you fill that stuff out it opens box that asks you where to d/l it to, once you do that it d/l's like anything else. It installs fine, and you can run LiveUpdate once your done!!!

    Now, I'm not sure if im alowed to post the link to it here so if you want it PM me, or if someone can tell me if i AM alowed to post the link here tell me.

    -I have tested this file and scanned it for viruses and its clean (on another comp. that had NAV...)

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    PM me the link.

    I use Norton Antivirus Corportate Edition (I have the full CD). So I can verifiy if it is the real deal.


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