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Thread: Your box has been suspended(dedimove seedbox suspended)

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    don't know where


    I cant access my seedbox now (with remote desktop , ftp ex) there was important things in box for my friend.
    ı cant format ex new install.
    what can i do now can I get my seedbox agian or money , or Everything over which one
    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: **********
    Date: 30.May.2008 18:21
    Subject: Your box has been suspended.
    To: ***********

    Dear, notified us that you're doing illegal thing with your server. We do NOT allow an illegal use with servers.
    Your box has been suspended. Please cancel your PayPal subscription if you don't want to be charged again.


    Technical support
    Fax. +33 4 2623 6900
    Dedimove and Dedibox-international is a service of Eklypse SARL
    Siret: 48334081600014 - 16 rue Garon 69560 St Colombe &

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    hi tell them ur not doing anything illegal with the server

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    Go read their T&Cs, but normally it ends in tears as you get no further access and no refunds.

    You are better pleading your case with their Tech Support bods.
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