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Thread: Madden 2004 Please

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    Madden 2004 please

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    Yea people, does anybody have this available yet?

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    its coming sorry to keep you waiting

    ps. yanks make that pic move slower

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    madden 2004 is currently available on emule and bittorrent, downloading as we speak.

    oh after its finished i will be sharing it in soulseek!

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    1 hr till cd 1 is done..then maybe 30 mins for cd 2!

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    Its up!

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    Any news on the Xbox release being available?

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    hey black ops you find a way to get the online play to work??

    if so pm me with how and we can play a game

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    actually i havent even tested the online yet, ill try right now and tell u if it works and ill try to get a way around it!

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    hmm sorry to tell you but it seems have to register the game and these cd keys rnt valid...i will infrom u if i find out anything more.

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