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Thread: MediaDefender attacks Revision3 site, FBI involved

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    "During Memorial Day weekend, Internet TV network Revision3 was brought down by a denial-of-service attack traced back to anti-P2P company MediaDefender."

    "Revision3 CEO and former PC Magazine editor-in-chief Jim Louderback provided a detailed report about the DoS attack on his P2P streaming program service, and the distinct trail of packets leading back to MediaDefender.

    The security company claims on its site that it uses "non-invasive technological countermeasures" on P2P hosts to discourage attempts to access files, but the actions against Revision3, a legitimate content owner, appear to have gone beyond invasive, and may have pierced the realm of the downright illegal."

    Source: Full Article @ BetaNews
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    Son of a bitch, Revision3 is an innocent website that doesn't even host any remotely close to pirated software/movies and music. They just hate "those people." Our people? Whichever...anyone too freely spoken shall be shot point blank fatal execution in this police state i guess. The Patriot Act revision to include that. oh well. the philosophy is seriously conflicted here, i don't understand this attack's real purpose other than a random act of electronic disturbance perhaps?


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