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Thread: Emscer 0.6.3b released

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    Emscher P2P is an new filesharing client for anonymous file sharing. It uses a new protocol featuring data encryption and indirect routing(The data will not be transfered directly between two clients, it will be redirected through several Emscher-Hubs)

    It uses a protocoll similar to Gnutella. The communication between two Clients is AES(Rijndael) encrypted. While exchanging the AES-Key between two Clients the connection will be RSA-Encrypted.


    Emscher v0.6.3b
    CHANGE: Emschercache-Response format
    BUGFIX: Problems with webservers sending chuncked responses and those adding ads to the response

    Emscher v0.6.2b
    BUGFIX: Trayicon-menu has not been shown on click
    BUGFIX: Hubs were not added to Hublist after asking a WebCache

    Emscher v0.6.1b
    BUGFIX: Error while loading Webcaches
    BUGFIX: Webcache-List has not been cleared before showing Webcaches

    Emscher v0.6b (Protocol Version: v0.13)
    ADD: Settings-Form replacing the Settings-Tab(Now the settings will only be overwritten
    if an user has clicked on "OK")
    ADD: Network-Thread(In charge of sending/receiving, en-/decrypting and other
    ADD: Linkchecker-Thread(Checks in a defined interval if a user has clicked on
    an emscher-link)
    ADD: Emscher-Corethread(To seperate the GUI from the Core-parts)
    ADD: User can seed all files in a certain directory and its subdirectoies
    ADD: Openfile-Menuitem in Filemenu
    ADD: A double klick on a file opens it
    ADD: Now it is possible to select multiple files and to start,stop,recheck or delete them
    CHANGE: Webcache- and Chkversion-thread rewritten. They do not need the indy-
    component TIDHttp anymore
    CHANGE: main.pas rewritten
    CHANGE: ID-Generator rewritten(Using less information to generate id)
    CHANGE: Waiting time between sent signals is 10ms now because of the id-generator
    (because fast calling in a row returns the same id)
    CHANGE: Because of the new socket-library the chunk length is 64KB and the Block-length
    1KB(1024 Bytes) now
    CHANGE: HTL-Maximum is 255 now
    CHANGE: Get sources(doing hash-search) if file is not complete
    BUGFIX: You could not open a downloaded file for reading only, but writing only
    BUGFIX: Everytime you recheck a file it will be copied to the incoming dir
    REMOVE: Settings-Tab
    REMOVE: All kinds of 8-Byte-IDs
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