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Thread: Which is best to use

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    Virus scanner which is best as far as using less memory and doesnt slow computer down to much.

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    think it is NOD32

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    NOD32 is the most lightweight and powerful one is you have the money
    If you want a freeware, Avira Antivirus Personal (free) is your pick

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    AVG is good and free
    or NOD32

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    kasper sky 7.1.325

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    kaspersky. the antivirus(KAV), not the Internet security suite(KIS).

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    i hav an 128mb ram system nd avira runs fine..

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    nod definitely.

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    Nod isn't nearly as light as it use to be before version 3 but it is still better than most.
    Avira is superior in performance but it's full version is not cracked(you can use the free version which doesn't offer as complete protection or get an extended trial of the pro if you'd like to try it out).
    Another option is to go with Avast free.Avast use to be pretty bad but it has improve greatly recently.It's light and effective and I hear nothing but good things about it anymore.
    Those three are the lightest if not the overall best(that's still KAV for removing stuff) but any of the top AVs are so close in effectiveness it really comes down to personal preference.
    I personally use Nod and never had any problems but people talk about it's detection rate not being the best anymore.

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    I say NOD32, because of the small memory footprint.

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