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Thread: internet speed problem

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    hi there fellas

    i have a question and that is:
    i have broadband with O2 8meg download and 1.3meg upload.
    now i have download speed of 350KB/s or there about and upload speed of 90KB/s is that what i should be getting or should it be more.
    should i give em a call about this
    Iy Looov eet

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    The O2 home broadband page says up to 8megabit/second down, 1.3megabit/second up

    8megabits/second is 1000KB/s
    1.3megabits/second is 162KB/s

    ADSL connections will often connect at lower than the theoretical speed due to low signal due to being far from the exchange, noise on the phoneline due to bad connections in BT's ancient wiring, water in junction box's, crosstalk from other lines, local radio transmissions etc.

    If you have a seperate box for the ADSL you may be able to see the speed it is actually connected at usig the web interface. Google the exact make and model of box for instructions.
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