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Thread: Sometimes you just have to see the signs!

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    Had the car washed today whilst I was out shopping, as soon as we drove out of the car park a bird shat on it.
    Went up to Burnt Island and went to the local co-op to get some stuff to eat; when we came to the checkout they told us the card machine was down and we only had 15 in cash on us. Bill came to 21.
    Went out to ATM and tried to get money out, was down as well.
    Machine in store finally started working, so we paid for our stuff and got 20 cash back just in case.
    When I tried to pay with this 20 in another store it turned out to be a fake.

    I hereby conclude someone or something is trying to tel me to stop spending money, so for the next two weeks I'm putting myself on a budget. I'll let you know how it goes.

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    Just steal stuff.


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