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Thread: BitTorrent Sites Open for Signup

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    Quote Originally Posted by threelions00 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by robogo25 View Post

    APOLLO (XANAX) is Open for Application Signup!
    Opening random, be patient.
    Stay tuned IRC channel. is holding interviews for membership in their IRC:
    Port: 6667 or SSL 7000
    Main channel: #apollo
    Interview channel: #recruitment

    new Stats

    Maximum users: 40,000
    Enabled users: 25,681 Details
    Users active today: 12,606 (49.09%)
    Users active this week: 19,995 (77.86%)
    Users active this month: 25,576 (99.59%)
    Torrents: 240,208
    Releases: 119,160
    Artists: 114,286
    "Perfect" FLACs: 82,058
    Requests: 1,360 (42.28% filled)
    Snatches: 1,263,932
    Peers: 1,457,963
    Seeders: 1,377,393
    Leechers: 80,570
    Seeder/leecher ratio: 17.09
    People sit there and wait for hours. I am not even sure how good the site is. When I tried, 2 hours. Nothing at all. All that happened was the irc room kept growing with new people entering. If you are trying to appear as something mystical and magical, it is working but rarely is that the case.
    I haven't tried because i have no patience but my friend did and she was waiting for three hours--no response--went with PTH

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    Sign-up Link:
    Closing date: First 10,000 people to signup

    Skitt's Law: "any post correcting an error in another post will contain at least one error itself"

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    Quote Originally Posted by kondrae View Post
    Sign-up Link:
    Closing date: First 10,000 people to signup
    Thanks for sharing this. Just wanted to add the (mandatory) invite code is HAPPY2017.
    (2412 - 2484 @ 40), (27)
    (5180 - 5865 @ 40), (15)

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    Open: iNSANE ( | General
    Tracker's Name: iNSANE (
    Genre: General
    Sign-up Link:
    Closing date: 01 01 2017
    Additional information: insane one of the Best Hungarian general tracker.
    You can choose from 5 different languages: hungarian, english, romanian, slovenian and german. But only the main things translated. (For example the menu.)
    Insane Tracker is a ratio free tracker where only upload counts and you only need to seed for 24 hours or to 1:1 ratio after download completes and sometimes they set the whole tracker to no H&R system.
    60 000 users
    92 000 torrents
    700 000 - 800 000 peers

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    New adult torrent tracker.

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    Pornbay (PB) is Open for Signup!

    Pornbay is a Private Torrent Tracker for XXX

    Tracker's Name: PornBay
    Genre: XXX
    Sign-up Link:
    Closing date: N/A
    Additional information:

    Tracker Type: Ratio-based, Porn, Tracker
    Tracker Birthday: 2008
    Tracker Description:
    Porn Bay is a great tracker if your looking for adult content. The site has been around for over 8 years. However it has had several vastly different version. After the website updated to version PBv2 the site nearly died but with some help from some great coders and some help from emporium the site was reborn in version PBv3. The current version of the site runs on an Empornium branch of Gazelle and ocellot.


    Enabled Users: 142,069
    Users active today: 18,201 (12.81%)
    Users active this week: 39,894 (28.08%)
    Users active this month: 66,208 (46.60%)
    New Torrents last day: 132
    Torrents: 72,878
    Requests: 1,399 (79.34% filled)
    Snatches: 33,182,520
    Peers: 468,347
    Seeders: 435,567
    Leechers: 32,780
    Seeder/Leecher Ratio: 13.28

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    (2412 - 2484 @ 40), (27)
    (5180 - 5865 @ 40), (15)

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    Signup Link:
    WOP is a general and High Definition tracker.

    We are still grow up. Community contributions and uploading are a huge priority right now. As with all new trackers, this is an investment in the future. Only through contribution and activity will it prosper.

    Please only use Gmail. As many other mail providers have issues receiving invites and they will add a huge delay in you joining.

    If there is a problem with your signup please visit irc://

    Dark Theme

    Light Theme

    NOTE: Does not repeat the background picture. A problem with the screen recorder.

    We look forward to seeing you on the site!


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    They start open interview prep for PTH.

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    do we get payed if we pass the interview? or do we get some virgins?


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