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Thread: Routers

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    umm is all routers compatiable w/ dsl modems? or do i have to buy a special one... since theres so many variety of routers... i got a verizon dsl modem and i don't know much about them... im thinking of getting a wireless one and so i'll need wireless pci ethernet cards right?

    i was just wondering if every router was compatiable and good companies / price ranges...

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    The router needs to have an ethernet port designed to uplink with the DSL/Cable modem. The router also needs to be able to initiate/dial the DSL/Cable modem. Basically, this means you need a router that supports PPPoE (Point to Point Protocal over Ethernet).

    I suggest you grab a Cable/DSL wireless router, which are really cheap now! Make sure you get the new high-speed ones with 54 Mbps (802.11g standard)! All Cable/DSL routers are able to connect to your modem. Just make sure you don't buy an access point. You can connect 4 computers (or more with additional switches) to a wireless router with standard 10/100 BaseT CAT5 network cable or dozens of computers with wirless network cards. Desktop or tower PCs require a wireless PCI card and notebooks a wireless PCMCIA card. All wireless routers/cards that comply with the 802.11g/b standard are compatible with each other.

    If you buy a wireless router/card by a Netgear! Again, make sure its the 54 Mbps (802.11g standard) device.

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    access point ones are the dsl boxes right? and the dsl/broadband ones r the router ones?... is linksys a good company?

    i need something thatz like less then 100 dollars for the router and wireless card...

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    yeah, linksys ones are good, ive got one, a wired 4 port router, pretty cheap too.

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    heh im looking for 1 wireless card and a router for less then 100... :/ if itz cheap enough i might get 2 wireless cards... so my other comptuer can get internet as well...


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