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Thread: Would appreciate a SCT Invite

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    I figured I'd try my luck for a SCT invite. I've been looking for one for quite a while, but to no avail. So I've come here to see if anyone is generous enough to assist me in joining this community.

    I have a couple of seedboxes, and I seed about 1-2TB monthly. I'm also a member of other higher level trackers, and I can provide links to my profiles/ratioproofs via PM if necessary. I'm also an active member in community forums, and I am usually active in irc rooms as well.

    Not to drag on, or be too repetitive ( ), I'd be honored and indebted to anyone who is grateful enough to provide me with an invite to SCT. Again, I'd be happy to demonstrate that I'm able to maintain an active and decent account on other trackers. So if anyone's feeling generous out there, feel free to PM me or ask me to PM you !

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    Why yes, I'd be happy to dish out $40 so you can join!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kojin View Post
    Why yes, I'd be happy to dish out $40 so you can join!

    ya rly


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