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Thread: Change Or Hide My Ip

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    ok i did search the forum first but i got error 5 times. if they r someone else asked the Q before sorry for repost

    i want a program to hide my ip or faking my ip

    am using cable modem

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    no program like that available just now for kazaa

    possible developments in a program called NCovert, however, the only download i found for this is uncompiled
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    Ur ip add is provided by ur isp. If u use an ip spoofer then it will be hard for u to download files

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    Originally posted by freemind@14 August 2003 - 00:06
    Ur ip add is provided by ur isp. If u use an ip spoofer then it will be hard for u to download files
    There is no such tool as an ip spoofer. Ip spoofing is a very intricate process and one that only an advanced networking pro can master.

    My suggestion to cooolmeko would be to just use a proxy if you need ito hide it for web browsing. Theres a pinned topic with valid proxy servers.

    If you want to spoof it for hacking, then I suggest you try to find an open wingate server that doesnt require a uname and pwd to use. Its very unlikely you will find an open wingate server on port 1080 in this day and age that doesnt require authorization because many isp&#39;s scan their own subnets for open proxy, wingate, and mail servers (prevents spam and mail relay) and warn their customers if it allows open access from other people on the net.

    If you do find an open wingate then you can telnet into it and then telnet out from it anywhere you want to go and youll be using the wingates ip. However if you try to browse the internet with your webbrowser or do anything else thats not telnet and command based then your not going to be able to use the wingate&#39;s ip.

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    There is a pinned thread on Using Proxies. Go ahead and read that&#33;
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