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Thread: Horror Movies

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    Anybody sharing the Halloween movies I cant find them any where. If their allready on K++ could you tell me how to find them.

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    what do I put here? BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    ummm dop a search

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    um I did that a million times can you find it? I tried by title and artist all i get is halloween res.

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    im sharing dvd copys of halloween 1,halloween 2, halloween H20 and halloween ressurection and will soon have halloween 4,5 and 6, just cant get hold of number 3

    fuck Derby County

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    If u want the Halloween movie then paul is the man 2 c...

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    paul I'd love to get haloween 1, 2, h20 and 4 and 5 when you get them. If you want to trade I have lots of movies I'm sharing right now. Some rare ones too like Versus and City of the living dead and new ones. American Wedding, Hulk, Bad Boys 2, Bruce Almighty...lots more. Let me know k?

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    it a pity you cannot get halloween 3:season of the witch bevcause that is the best one. I only got it on video and dvd. What a really delightful tune in it, not.


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