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Thread: Midnight Club Ii

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    jonathan_tijuana's Avatar ...
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    May 2003
    it is worth to wait for this game the file is 1577 MB and i'm downloading at that game really good?

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    Go Here and check it out for yourself

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    Good, although the fact that you cannot sup up the cars kinda sucks, but sometimes that can be good. I remeber in Gran turismo hating having to do that all the time. It is a good get in and race type of game. Good controller is a must.

    It was worth the d'ld, I would have to know the price to comment on buying it.

    Some hated it however.

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    i got it for xbox and it was worth the $50

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    bob_the_alien's Avatar Bob The Alien
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    Aug 2003
    London, Kentucky
    Played it on PS2, and it was a good game, but it didn't live up to my expectations of it, but that may have been just because I had too high of expectations.

    However I still liked it, and I say it worth it.
    "Where did he go, George, Where did he go?"

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    yea it was nice for ps2... damn i cant beat the first area...!!!! lol... i still got 2 ppl to beat.... stupid ones requiring motorcycle... making me learn how to use a new vehicle...


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