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Thread: University Cheaters

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    University students who are caught submitting plagiarised work are very rarely expelled, shows a survey. A study found only 143 students caught cheating were expelled out of 9,200 cases - despite almost all universities threatening expulsion as a sanction.

    I know this goes on, from experience. Students are allowed to progress to 'fill up' the following year. No consideration given to the students who are being asked to waste another year, out off their depth. All done for financial reasons.

    I am glad to say that most businesses are catching on, with applicants qualifications and ability being strictly tested at interview.
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    Apparently -

    If you place an infinite amount of monkeys in front of word processors/computers and allow them to bang away randomly at the keyboards for an infinite amount of time, the entire works of Shakespeare will be produced.

    9,057 students accused of plagiarism, also minored in statistics and successfully used this theory in their defense.

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    There is a guy at my university who is as thick as mince (and generally not a good guy). I'm far from elitist, so when I say thick...I mean worse than George Bush thick.

    Anyway, he's been done with plagiarism three times. And the University doesn't chuck him out. Why? Because he's a walking pound sign.

    And that's really what it's about isn't it? Students aren't learners, they're customers.

    And it annoys the hell out of me every day.


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