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Thread: IRC Trading

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    Users of IRC who download from "XDCC Bots" or "Fserves".

    Can someone invite me to a great IRC with fast pre times?
    Thank you

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    i think u need to be member of that tracker to use inivite to irc...



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    I was wondering if irc was still active or not. I used to use it as late of 2005, but gave it up for torrents.

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    I was actually just about to make a topic inquiring about the state of IRC. I tried looking for Xbox 360 games on IRC yesterday and couldn't find anything. Anybody know any good xbox chans? XDCC or fserv, if fserv is even still used.

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    I don't know... All the times I've used IRC, I always used it for chatting/communication. Although at one time I used it for file downloading but the speeds weren't good compared to torrents.

    I say stick with torrents or ftp, don't try to get things from IRC. Maybe things have changed though and I'm wrong about speeds.

    Just my 2 cents

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    Quote Originally Posted by identity View Post
    I was wondering if irc was still active or not. I used to use it as late of 2005, but gave it up for torrents.
    So IRC isn't active?

    Last edited by Don[R]edHardy; 06-25-2008 at 09:19 PM.

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    wow thank you.
    i can find a lot of things but not the newst scene release :s
    I must need better chans right?
    anyway thank you

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    BitTorrent can also have fast pre times, but you have to seed.

    For just leeching, it might be a good idea to check if your ISP offers a newsserver.
    If this is the case, that might be the best way to download new files.

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    what you mean with my ISP?

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