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Thread: Moving Around Movies

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    Ive noticed, on some movies, I cant skip around the video, which is a pain in the ass with long files, if youre trying to find a certain moment, or joke or whatever. Does anybody know what causes this? (maybe some bizzare cadec, spawned from Satan's arsehole?) Apart from causing it, does anyone know how to stop it? Thanks alot for any feedback.

    (by the way, i just realized its fucking 3 a.m. and i suddenly decided to ask this dumb question. C'est la vie.)

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    do you have this problem only with MPEG movies?

    Try to switch to another MPEG codec from the K-lite codec pack

    - Ligos MPEG-2 decoder
    - Elecard MPEG-2 decoder

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    No, I'm fine with MPEG, the file in question says .asf at the end. I dont know what that means, and i cant find any other files of mine that have that. So thats probably the problem, but i still need to know how to fix it.

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    Yeah i have this problem but only with porn movie sum times i can't skip forward

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    ASF-AVI-RM-WMV Repair will fix it in seconds.

    I think asf tools might do it , or at least convert it to avi.


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