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Thread: Hiding identity as a SiteOp.

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    The recent news regarding SceneAccess stated that BREIN asked leaseweb to help revel the siteop's identity after discovering the registered info was false. This got me wondering what is required in order for a siteop to hide their identity. Is simply registering with false details and always using a dedicated proxy server enough? I assume paypal will protect your details unless provided with a court order. Advice please

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    Paypal will bend over faster than a $2.00 slut. My guess is the siteop was using a stolen identity. Anyone can purchase an identity in the black market, or my second guess is he must know someone at leaseweb.

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    Using a stolen credit card is a little extreme and I think have your account banned in a short time period. Leaseweb lying on behalf of the siteop is also highly unlikely. I don't see why paypal will bend over easily, their TOS should protect your personal details unless required by law to hand them out.

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    just use one of those disposeable credit cards available all around the world... give them fake details... and just be sure to pay everything and to be a good customer so they will never doubt or double check your account informations

    paypal instead will give out your details as fast as your ISP is giving them away...

    the biggest problem is in receiving the funds / donations as for such big amount (1 - 3k month) paypal will for sure triple check them and will ask you for a shitload of papers to sign....

    btw: nforce (not leaseweb... an isp that colo at lw!) is obligated to give out the details after a court order... the same thing paypal require... it's not that an ISP (expecially like nforce!) will give out the details to anyone who ask for them...
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    you can signup with paypal using fake details and have that account tied to leaseweb (provider) and the donation account. since the details are fake the money can not be drawn directly. instead another fake account in another country is made and money is wired from paypal to that foreign fake account. then from there it can be transfered to another fake account usually within the country the person lives in then transfered from there to a legit account. however, the % of all of those wire transfers add up.

    *cough* sysop on SCC lives in the middle east >_>

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    Great first post, welcome to FST lowly MPAA agent.

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    hah, busted! a little more complicated than i'd hoped, guess I'll be giving that SCC dude a free ride.

    thanks for the good info ppl's. looking into it ^^

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