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Thread: Gta3 Problem

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    just d/led GTA 3. works great ( graphics, audio..) except all i see are blank boxes on the screen where the messages and other written materials should be. whenever i play it, i don't even know what's happening or what is being said. please help...

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    If you are using Win XP just get service pack 1, it solves a lot of probs. You can also try to get the patch for the game get the patch here
    Btw, I had the same prob and the service pack 1 solved it

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    get the latest direct x it will fix it

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    is there any version of GTA3 that has working in car radio?

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    The bin files do, I asume that you have the rip. You can download the radio station howeve, or just your own mp3's in.

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    yeah. the rip did that for me a while back, just stopped playing it, never realised it was the service pack doing it

    got vice city now anyway, miles better and thats saying something


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