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Thread: FTWR irc

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    My last request was fail... could someone maybe PM me their IRC info so I can sweet-talk the staff into giving me an invite?

    I'm open to interviews, ratioproofs, speedtests, whatever.

    Also feel free to post disparaging comments.

    They only make yourself look bad.

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    hmmm good luck, I tried a while back to get in from a friend but was denied so, it will be tough but you might have what it takes

    as for the irc, i dont know it but Ive always found the likes from google

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    Quote Originally Posted by kojin View Post
    could someone maybe PM me their IRC info so I can sweet-talk the staff into giving me an invite?
    Good luck with that..

    Also, I'm not sure, but i think u have to be a member to access their chat.
    DO NOT PM me 4 invites thanks

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    Cool thread. Learned the definition of a word I never heard or saw before, so thanks and good luck.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheFoX View Post
    In the old days, if you misbehaved on a tracker, you got disabled, or worse, IP banned.

    Nowadays, there are more trackers than there are members, so if your tracker misbehaves, they get bookmark removed, or worse, URL deleted.

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    knowing first hand I highly recommend you do not beg a staff member to get onto rabbit. if staff finds out who gave you info to even begin to beg then that person will be banned. it isn't worth the risk. staff takes this seriously and will not look on it kindly.
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