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Thread: Giveaway: 1 indietorrents

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    May 2008
    Hi guys,

    Giving away 1 indietorrents invite.

    Please provide 2 ratio proofs/1 speed test and read the description of the site in reviews to make sure you are actually interested and list 5 favorite bands.

    Too all reading: I am still looking for Pedro invite. Please help.

    **This is not a trade. You do not need to give me Pedro invite:*****

    First person who meet the above requirements gets it.


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    wooo! can i get it?

    my fav. bands include, fratellies, kaiser chiefs, arctic monkeys, system of a down, magic wands and more!

    my ratios are in my sig and here is a speedtest!

    need to include the killers, there awsome

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    May 2008
    okay. its yours. pm me your email address.


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